Books to Trade?

Looking to bring books in for trade?  Hemingway’s offers generous store credit (trade value) on most quality used books.

Here is our Trade Policy:

  • Trade value is one-half (50%) of our resale price. If you bring in a pocketbook that we sell for $4.00 then you receive a store credit of $2.00.
  • You may use your credit to pay 50% of the value of any used book in store. It does not apply to vinyl records or new books.
  • We keep a record on the computer, and you can add or subtract from your total as you wish.  Your credit never expires!
  • We try to accept as many titles as we can but some books are so plentiful that we simply don’t need any more. We check all titles in our inventory system and accept the titles we need.
  • Items must be clean and in Very Good condition or better. Our books are carefully selected. The books you take from us are in VG or better shape so we expect the same in return from you.
  • Books with text highlighting, margin notes, prior owner inscriptions (Happy Birthday Mom! for instance), or books that are heavily soiled, reek of mould or smoke, or otherwise appear damaged will not be accepted.

Please note:
We NEVER accept the following: National Geographic Magazines, Reader’s Digest abridged books, Harlequin Romance titles, single issue comic books (except Archies or Graphic Novels), most encyclopedia sets and magazines.


Our TOP 10 list:

  • Graphic Novels/Manga
  • Current bestsellers (fiction or nonfiction)
  • Recent Youth and Teen series
  • Military Fiction Series
  • Recent Science Fiction & Fantasy Pocketbooks
  • Fine bindings: Folio Society, Franklin Library, etc.
  • Philosophy
  • First Nations and B.C. History
  • Homesteading/Wilderness Survival
  • 20th century classic literature titles: Hemingway, Vonnegut,  Harper Lee, George Orwell, JD. Salinger, Aldous Huxley, etc.

We are currently looking for the following:

  1. The latest titles in popular fiction and non-fiction categories.
  2. Literature (Children and Adult titles/International, Classic and Canadian authors)
  3. Graphic Novels and Manga
  4. World History (school age, undergraduate and post-graduate level) Softcover and hardcover editions wanted.
  5. Military History (Canadian , Allied and Axis accounts from both world wars; regimental histories; original military maps, ephemera, unpublished diaries, letters from the front etc. (Softcover and hardcover editions wanted.)
  6. Philosophy, Anarchist titles & political science.
  7. BC/Yukon/West Coast local history, First Nations titles. (Softcover and hardcover editions wanted.)
  8. Art, trade references (mechanics, woodworking, welding, books on farming etc.) Softcover and hardcover editions accepted.
  9. Recent fitness, hockey, Canadian pro leagues, combat sports (karate, judo), yoga, outdoor sports and fishing/hunting. (Softcover and hardcover.)
  10. Gardening, indoor and outdoor. Particularly west coast gardening. Hobby farming, animal husbandry, beekeeping, field guides for flowers and wildlife. (Softcover and hardcover)
  11. Song books, sheet music for voice, choral and instrumental. Pop, rock and classical all OK.
  12. Science fiction/Fantasy pocket books (Hardcovers are less likely to be accepted, so ask us first before dragging them down to our shop.)
  13. Most current popular authors in genres such as: mystery, romance, thriller, horror and western (that is authors who are currently alive and writing) POCKETBOOKS ONLY
  14. Non-fiction subjects. We have too many to list but we are always looking for books on such subjects as: railroads, boatbuilding, blacksmithing, exploration, astronomy, engineering, architecture, business, marketing and a host of self-help topics.
  15. Antiquarian. Books over 100 years of age are always of interest. Age does NOT make a book valuable, but old books MAY be of value. Condition is vital.
  • We do have a small discount section of clearance titles for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. You receive the usual 50% credit for books we allocate to this section, however, we do NOT accept these books in return. Our Toonie items are not returnable for credit!
  • If you have a large number of books to bring in, please call us first to arrange an appointment.
    You can reach us at (604) 855-1894.
  • You may have books to sell. Please click on our “Top Books We Need” page to learn more.
  • If you have books that are NOT on this list, please call or email us with their descriptions. We are always looking for new titles!