Books To Sell?

Hemingways Books offers to buy many books. We pay the industry standard 25%-35% of retail value. For instance. If you bring us a book worth $4.00 we would pay between $1.00 and $1.50 depending on its condition and resale demand.

  • It is our policy to examine books carefully before making an offer. We have a secure lower floor where boxes may be stored while we appraise the collection. In these cases we give the owner a receipt and try to complete the appraisal as quickly as possible.
  • The owner of Hemingway’s Books (Dave Kyle) can make house calls for large collections of books and/or records. Call us at the store to set up an appointment! Our phone number is 604-855-1894.
  • Very often we may only offer to buy a portion of a collection. More common titles could be exchanged for store credit. See our “Books to Trade” link for more information. It is common for us to offer a combination of cash and store credit.

Our TOP 10 list:

  • Contemporary Literature (2015/2016)
  • Recent Youth and Teen Titles
  • Marvel and DC Comic Trade Paperbacks
  • Manga (old classics or new releases)
  • Books that have recently been adapted to film/TV
  • Recent Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Mystery/Thriller titles in pocket book format
  • Philosophy
  • First Nations and Canadian History
  • Astrology, Scientology, Psychology, Memoirs



  1. Latest POCKETBOOK editions of current bestsellers. All genres (Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Historical, Horror, General Fiction). Titles must be no more than 1 year old. For older titles we usually only offer trade credit (See our “Books To Trade” link for more details.)  Please not that whether we buy or trade any book is subject to its condition, and to how many copies we already have.
  2. Contemporary literature, preferably in softcover.  Hardcover fiction is only accepted if no softcover edition yet exists (or they are difficult-to-find first editions.)
  3. Modern fine-bindings, such as Folio Society, Easton Press, and Franklin Library.
  4. Antiquarian or vintage fine-bindings, preferably leather.
  5. Very latest in teen paranormal, fantasy, or contemporary literature.
  6. Classic kids series such as Dr. Seuss, Robert Munsch, Bill Peet and Shel Silverstein (Hardy boys, Nancy Drew and Stephanie Meyer are not needed.)
  7. Science Fiction/Fantasy POCKETBOOKS ONLY. Vintage and contemporary. (Sorry, we do not buy Star Trek titles)
  8. Archie double digest comics. (We do not buy the singles, though we can give store credit for some).
  9. Christian writers (Ted Dekker, Francine Rivers, Jan Karon, Karen Kingsbury)
  10. Literary hardcover 1st editions MAY be purchased depending on market demand and book condition. These will be evaluated individually. (Sorry, we don’t give values over the phone. We do need to actually see the book before we make an offer.)
  11. If you have books that don’t fit these categories click on our “Contact Us” link and tell us what you have. We are always looking for new titles!


  1. Military History (All editions, all historical periods. Our shop offers a wide assortment of military titles. Canadian military is a particular interest.)
  2. World History (Undergraduate or post-graduate level titles.)
  3. Canadian/BC/Yukon history. Local history, pioneer stories, West Coast history, First Nations titles.
  4. Philosophy, clinical psychology and very current self-help titles.
  5. Religion/Metaphysics; World faiths, contemporary and historical commentaries, Bibles, Korans and Children’s religious material.  Always looking for good titles on Buddhism and Non-Belief.
  6. First Nation Art. How-to Books on Art, wood carving, boat or canoe building.
  7. Automotive and motorcycle manuals, related books. Handyman, woodworking, blacksmithing, electrical, farming, welding and related trades.  Always looking for solar or other alternative power, reducing our carbon footprint in lifestyle and basic construction techniques.
  8. We take very few sports books.  Outdoors titles for fishing, hunting and local guide-books are always in demand.  Guides for gems, gold-panning and wildlife guides are also accepted.



  1. Song Books/Sheet music for classical, pop and rock music. Piano, instrumental, voice and choral music OK.
  2. Recent True Crime POCKETBOOKS. We rarely take hardcover editions, but ask us just in case.
  3. Vintage pocketbooks. 1930-1970 softcovers. Pulp magazines from 1900-1945.  Pelican pocketbook series, early science, social history, military history, philosophy and technical titles all considered. Condition must be Very Good or better.
  4. Exploration, Railroads, Boat-building and civil aviation.
  5. Antiquarian Titles. (Books 100 years old or more) MAY have some value. Age does not always translate into value! We need to SEE these books to determine value. Please do not phone or email us for a quote. We have to take a look at the book before we can make an offer. If you have books that don’t fit these categories then click our “Contact Us” link and call us. We are always looking for new titles! Please note: Most Encyclopedias, Atlases and text- books are out-of date and have no re-sale value. Call us and ask about your titles before you bring them to the store.IF YOU ONLY WANT CASH FOR YOUR BOOKS, AS OPPOSED TO STORE CREDIT, PLEASE CALL THE STORE AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE OWNER, DAVE, BEFORE BRINGING THE BOOKS IN!